[Fake] Long pony!

[Fake] Long pony! 3a 3b 3c Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3a, 3b, 3c ) | 1.30.16

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*Disclaimer: I am by no means claiming this style as my own creation. I know it's been done before and I just wanted to share for those who may not have heard of this before! :)
Alright! To style, it's super simple. First, get your curls looking nice and cute. If it's wash day, do a wash-n-go FIRST and let it *dry*, to get the most voluminous pony. For 2nd day + curls, refresh your curls as if you were wearing them loose. (I find that I get the best results when I do it this way, because even with a pony, I still want definition!). To refresh my curls, I spray with a water bottle until I can see my product start to surface, then I smooth on a dime-sized amount of product to my hair, which I divide into two sections.*I would advise against raking your curls, as this separates them and minimizes definition (at least for me!). Smoothing works to help my curls clump better.
Take the top section from ear to ear, and tie it up into a pony. Then take the leftover section and do the same.
Gently tug on your curls to stretch them a bit (you can also use a pik for more volume!). Define individual curls as you like, and add any accessories. All done!