1. Sections freshly washed and deep conditioned hair into sections”
  2. “Apply leave-in of your choice to each section and detangle (I used Luster’s Pink Shea Butter Coconut Oil Leave-in Conditioner )”
  3. “Apply oil/sealant of your choice”
  4. “Section off sides/perimeter
  5. apply styler and flat twist/corn row towards the back and secure with a rubber band (Get creative with your braids/parts!)”
  6. “Style your HAWK: Wash n go
  7. roller set
  8. twist/braid out .. totally up to you!”
  9. “Roller Set: Apply mousse in 1 inch sections (cuts down drying time frfr) and comb thru using 3 row comb.”
  10. “Wrap hair onto roller; be sure to tuck your ends to lessen frizz”
  11. “Air dry or sit under a dryer until hair is FULLY dry.”
  12. “Remove rollers
  13. separate
  14. fluff and S L A Y