Finger Curl

Finger Curl 2c 3b Out & Loose Fingercoils
( 2c, 3b ) | 1.22.16

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Wash your hair and clear it out with a bristle brush. I use Tresemme shampoo and conditioner, but you can use whatever you like. The brush I use to clear out my hair is Conair.
Rather than drying, I just wring my hair out,like a washcloth lol. 
Add leave in condtioner to whole hair and part in sections.
For each finger curl I add gel, and mousse. If you only have one or the other thats fine. You should also use a curl holding spray, I use Tresemme. 
When you finger curl start from the root twirling it tightly then just wrap it around your finger at the end and let it go. You can wear it like that on day 1 but by day two it might have puffed out so just add some dry shampoo ( Tresemme ) and leave in conditioner.