First Protective Style For Fall!

First Protective Style For Fall! 3c 4a Extensions Marley Twist protective style Natural Hair naturallycurly marley twists havana twists 4ahair 3chair cornrows mohawk marleymohawk havanatwistmohawk fallprotectivestyles
( 3c, 4a ) | 9.30.15
Tagged: protective style, Natural Hair, naturallycurly, marley twists, havana twists, 4ahair, 3chair, cornrows, mohawk, marleymohawk, havanatwistmohawk, fallprotectivestyles

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I started with freshly cleansed and deep conditioned hair that I let dry completely before using my Q-Redew to achieve a heatless stretched blow out on my natural hair. I sealed in the moisture by doing the LCO Method.
I parted and separated the middle section from the rest. I then sectioned and parted off the side into 2.
Starting with a front section, I began doing scalp braids with each one curving up to the middle. I continued on until the first section was complete before moving on to the back section. Doing it this way helps to make sure that the braids are more uniform. Once one side was complete, I began to do the same on the next side.
After I completed both sides, I started to take a braid from each side, along with my cuban twist hair (24in) and began to do a kinky twist. I continued on until I got to the middle crown area where I had the most loose hair. In that section I was able to do 3-4 twist so make it full. I did add more moisturizing products to my hair and the kinky twist hair prior to doing each twist to ensure that my hair stayed moisturize for a while before having to add more. 
Every night I spray my hair with water and leave in conditioner along with some oils. I also massage oils into my scalp before putting on my satin bonnet and calling it a night.