Flexi rods on straight hair results

Flexi rods on straight hair results 2c 3a 3b Out & Loose Rollers & Rods Loose waves Beachy Waves Straightened
( 2c, 3a, 3b ) | 3.29.16
Tagged: Loose waves, Beachy Waves, Straightened


I straightened my hair and at the last minute decided to add some flexi rods to give my hair some wave or curl. I honestly didn't think that my hair would turn out the way that it did because it's so fine. But I got surprised! I rolled my hair up in no specific way just used 1/2' to 1' in diameter flexirods twisting and turn in different ways. Not in a uniform manner at all! I find the best curls are when they are not all the same This was done on day 3 of my hair being straight.
I covered my hair with a silk bonnet while I cleaned house so it was in there maybe 2 hours. Please note that my hair was dry when I rolled them up
After removing the rods I was actually able to finger comb the hair into place and didn't lose much of my curl but it did fall a little.The wave lasted all day. Only used one product!