Fluffy, Soft & Happy Winter Curls!

Fluffy, Soft & Happy Winter Curls! 3a 3b 3c Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3a, 3b, 3c ) | 12.5.15

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Curls feeling weird? Lacking the definition you had in the summer? It's not your fault; it's winter! And I learned that the hard way. But hey, there's always a fix! Here's mine!
Wash hair (I use a sulfate-free cleanser, specifically CURLS Sulfate-Free Shampoo). Condition, condition, CONDIITION! I generally use DevaCurl's DevaCare One Condition, but for the winter I stick to (the cheaper) OGX Coconut Milk Conditioner, since for my winter routine, the conditioner I use doesn't matter so long as it's moisturizing enough.
Dry your hair with a tee, and plop as you dress. Next, gather your favorite leave-in and styling creme for the LC method! (I know, I know, there's supposed to be an 'O', but I'm too lazy, and when last I used an oil, it made no difference *for me*. But feel free to use an oil after if you prefer!) My choice of leave-in is Mixed Chick's Leave-In Conditioner, and for my creme I use Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing smoothie. I don't know *why* these two play together so well, but I always *love* my results when I combine them!
Section your hair and spritz with water to get it damp in case it's dry (I have some high porosity sections that require this), then rake in a quarter sized amount (or two - I use two for my big bush of hair) of your leave-in. Then apply the same chosen amount of your creme, and rake through. Repeat for each section until your entire head has product. Grab your paddle/denman brush, and gently brush out each section to encourage clumping. 
Last but not least, get out your favorite hard hold gel (I use one called Wetline Xtreme Professional Styling Gel from Sally's). This is *key* (at least for me), because the light summer gels don't pack the same punch in the dry winter, and you need something stronger to better hold your curls/waves. Apply a small amount (one quarter sized amount) of your gel to your roots if needed (to keep them from being unruly - mine always look really wild without this step!). Rake in your needed amount of gel throughout your hair (I mentally section my hair into three - left, right and back, and I used about a quarter and a half amount of gel per section). Scrunch out excess product with a tee, and let air dry. *I have not diffused my hair with this method, so I cannot guarantee the same results should you choose to do so!