Glam Baby #haveyoutriedthis

Glam Baby #haveyoutriedthis 2b 2c Out & Loose Twist bun washand go #haveyoutriedthis 3b glam volume voluminous natural soft curls pillow soft soft curly wavy thick & curly 2b dontknowmypattern multiplepatterns lion lioness 2c 2c hair 2c in the middle 2b/2c
( 2b, 2c ) | 4.16.16
Tagged: bun, washand go, #haveyoutriedthis, 3b, glam, volume, voluminous, natural, soft curls, pillow soft, soft, curly, wavy, thick & curly, 2b, dontknowmypattern, multiplepatterns, lion, lioness, 2c, 2c hair, 2c in the middle, 2b/2c

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Cowash. I used Loreal EverCurl 6 in 1 Cleansing Bomb. I used to use something similar to this when i was tranisiioning ao figured id go back! Absolutley love the stuff! Saved my hair.Leave In. (After 25% Dry)I used the CurlyCoilyTresses Babassu Coconut Oat Moisturizing Leave in . I received this earlier this week after winning the #haveyoutriedthis giveaway! So i was very excited to try!! 
High Bun to get through day.. I always twist the front seperatley from the back. When i part my hair i grad the to fron left part. Losely Roll back on damp hair to where you want your bun to sit. Do the exact Same with ypu rigth part. and twist the end together like a mini bun. Secure with elastic.
Grab back and lightly roll up and around bun. Secure with Scrunchie.Get Through day.
At the end of the day I went over the dry parts with my curl milk. SheaMoistures Coconut & Hibiscus Curl& Style Milk. And then I just through back in a bun till im ready to go out. (Bun secured same as earlier described, twists)Also, i get my hair cut in a V, with long layers.Also i use buns to get natural controlled volume.