Half Up with a Flat Twist

Half Up with a Flat Twist 3a 2a 4a Updo French Braid ponytail fun updo Medium length hair
( 3a, 2a, 4a ) | 5.23.15
Tagged: ponytail, fun updo, Medium length hair

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First, separate a small section of hair at the front to be used for the flat twist. You can start either from one ear to the other, or make a side part and then take a section (about two fingers in width) across the front and separate it from the rest. Tie the rest of your hair back for the time being.
Start from one end of the loose section. Take a small part of it and split it into two, and simply start twisting it, pulling in another small section each time all the way across, until the flat twist has reached your ear.
Bring the the end of the twist around the back of your head, preferably under the rest that is tied up, and pin it with bobby pins or a small snap-clip.
Untie the rest of your hair. Divide it in half horizontally. Take the top half up and, after brushing it up so the sides are nice and smooth, put it in a ponytail. *Should work for most hair types, shoulder length+!*