Heap load of products… Ish…

| October 31, 2015

  1. Alright
  2. so before I begin
  3. I must warn you that I have not tried most of these products individually
  4. just because I don't wash my hair too often (too lazy) although these products work great together. So first off
  5. I wash my hair with my devacurl no-poo and take my fingers through my hair a little
  6. I section it in half then rinse it with warm water
  7. scrunching it in the process. I then put a dollop of my conditioner in my hand (OGX Argan oil of morocco) and apply it to my hair
  8. running my fingers through it
  9. and pulling the hair apart when I run across a tangle. Then rinse off half of the conditioner"
  10. "Once I go out of the shower
  11. I put a generous amount of my Kinky-Curly knot today leave-in
  12. untangle my hair once again
  13. scrunch
  14. and if it looks a bit too frizzy
  15. wet it a little. Then
  16. depending on the amount of the leave in in my hair
  17. add about a quarter size of my Curls Cru00e8me Bru00fblu00e9
  18. scrunch it in before my Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie."
  19. "This is where I come in with my microfiber towel (a T-Shirt will work too) and scrunch a bit. I put a dollop of my Curls Goddes Curls gelle and apple it to my hair
  20. smoothing down the frizz
  21. then scrunching it again. "
  22. "Lastly
  23.  I scrunch my hair with the towel to try and squeeze out as much of the water I can
  24. then let it air dry.