Heap load of products... Ish...

Heap load of products... Ish... 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3b ) | 10.31.15

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Alright, so before I begin, I must warn you that I have not tried most of these products individually, just because I don't wash my hair too often (too lazy) although these products work great together. So first off, I wash my hair with my devacurl no-poo and take my fingers through my hair a little, I section it in half then rinse it with warm water, scrunching it in the process. I then put a dollop of my conditioner in my hand (OGX Argan oil of morocco) and apply it to my hair, running my fingers through it, and pulling the hair apart when I run across a tangle. Then rinse off half of the conditioner
Once I go out of the shower, I put a generous amount of my Kinky-Curly knot today leave-in, untangle my hair once again, scrunch, and if it looks a bit too frizzy, wet it a little. Then, depending on the amount of the leave in in my hair, add about a quarter size of my Curls Crème Brûlé, scrunch it in before my Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie.
This is where I come in with my microfiber towel (a T-Shirt will work too) and scrunch a bit. I put a dollop of my Curls Goddes Curls gelle and apple it to my hair, smoothing down the frizz, then scrunching it again. 
Lastly,  I scrunch my hair with the towel to try and squeeze out as much of the water I can, then let it air dry.