HG products for my fine, low porosity, 2c waves

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( 2c ) | 3.14.16
Tagged: 2c, 2b, wavy hair, wavy swavy, fine wavy hair, devacurl, Shea moisture, LOC method, low porosity, deva curl styling cream, kinky curly knot today, devacurl frizz-free volumizing foam, devacut

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Surprisingly, I actually use the LOC method ( Leave in, Oil, Cream). First Kinky Curly Knot Today (nickel sized), followed by Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Dry Oil Mist (3-4 pumps into my hand) and then Deva Curl Curl Cream (nickel size).
Then I apply 3 pumps of Deva Curl Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam. Next, I scrunch my hair with a T-shirt to blot the water out. I apply one more pump of the foam to my "weak curl" areas towards the front and crown being careful to scrunch it in lightly and not disturb my curl clumps. Diffuse 60% add duck bill clips, diffuse some more, let air drying as long as possible to set it. If washing at night I SOTC in the AM. 
My version of pineappling my hair at night is using a claw clip w/ grip on the inside so it doesn't slip out. Sometimes, I use 4-5 smaller ones. I pull sections to the top and clip it like it's it's own pineapple. Using a scrunchie or hair band either falls out by morning or leaves a dent in my hair. 
To refresh I just use a large pea size of the SM Yucca & Plantain Styling Milk. It tames the frizz without taming or dragging out my curl! Any spray makes my fine hair stringy. Other milks and butters are too thick. This has moisture and hold ingredients and is my HG. When going multiple days I often will do this step at night before bed to keep it moisturized and smooth before it gets rubbed around during the night even though I sleep on a satin pillowcase. I can get 5 days out of this method w/ great voluminous hair and curl definition. My roots usually drive me crazy before then.