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Hot n Fresh Wash n GO! 4a Out & Loose Wash and Go Wash and Go wash n go 4a 4ahair
( 4a ) | 10.23.15
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Rinse hair thoroughly with water until the hair feels clean and devoid of any build up. Let the water reach your scalp and roots. Co-wash if you like.
Add your conditioner of choice (my hair LOVES Aussie Moist...yes, I know it has silicons. My hair loves the silicons). Smooth the conditioner through your hair and finger detangle going back from the temples and hairline to the crown, and down from the crown to the nape of the neck (it's not long enough yet to partition to wash).
Leave the conditioner in the hair. Add oil to the roots and pull through the hair. Partition hair off into 10 sections (1 at each temple, 2 on top, and 6 in the back - 2 columns of 3 sections - this is some THICK hair!). Use clips to secure each section.
Add a small to medium amount of Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream, or their Curl Activating Cream (MAN I love this stuff! It turns my hair to silk) to each section and shingle the hair. Sometimes I shake it, but shingling gives cleaner curls...and my brain doesn't like to be shaken! For my low porosity tough-to-curl hair at my temples, and across the front hairline I use extra oil and then coil the hair.
When it's wet like this, my hair can take up to 14 hours to dry (and that will make me lose my voice in winter). If I have to leave the house, I let it air dry as long as I possibly can, then diffuse with a hairdryer. I make sure to dry my roots. When it's all dry I spritz it with a water/oil mix, just on the tips. That makes it curl up tighter (I don't mind the shrinkage) and keeps it very soft.