How to achieve the taliah waajid curly style (step by step)

How to achieve the taliah waajid curly style (step by step) 2c 3a 3b Out & Loose Rollers & Rods thick & curly natural curls Curly Hair curls naturallycurly
( 2c, 3a, 3b ) | 2.9.17
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1.) Part one strand of your hair, first detangle. First add the taliah waajid crinkles and curl, then add the taliah waajid curly curl cream, and last add the taliah waajid curly curl "gello", Then you repeat the steps on the rest of your hair.
Twist or do a regular braid on that one strand of hair. Repeat the step to the rest of the strand.
After twisting or braiding your while hair! Add a regular or flaxy rods or rollers on each braid or twist, then roll rod or folly on hair so it can stay and last long in hair.  DO NOT ADD RODS OR ROLLERS IN HAIR TIGHT! DO NOT TIGHTEN HAIR WHEN APPLYING RODS OR ROLLERS! MAKE SURE ITS A LITTLE TIGHT BUT NOT THAT TIGHT! TIGHTEN RODS OR ROLLERS WILL CAUSE CURLS TO BE LOSSEN INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY CURLY!
After adding your rods or rollers on all of your braids. Get a tye head scraf and apply on your hair gently and make sure you don't tighten it as it will cause tightness on head and uncomfortably on hair. 
Leave it in overnight! The longer it stays the more you will get nice defined curls! You might get uncomfortable with sleeping with rods or rollers in your hair but just deal with it. It will be over once you take them out! The next day, take off scraf off of your head, then start gently taking out the rods or rollers out of your hair. After taking out all of the rods or rollers out of your hair then you gently and slowly start taking out your braid or twist. You want to take them out gently so your curls will look good and not lose and only curly!If you want your curls to be more defined add Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl enchaning smoothie so your curls can be more defined and good looking!Then you enjoy your natural beautiful defined curls!