I was so scared to get bangs but it's been nearly 6 months and I still love them

I was so scared to get bangs but it's been nearly 6 months and I still love them 3b Wash and Go Out 3b  type 3  bangs  new hairstyle  curls  latina
( 3b ) | 5.24.18
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I had been thinking about getting bangs for a while
and when I did finally get them in January
I went in knowing exactly what I wanted
but I was still scared because I had heard curly bangs horror stories. But when I got them
they were exactly what I wanted and they have not been as hard to upkeep as I thought they would!
If you are thinking about getting bangs with curly hair
definitely go into it knowing exactly what you want and what will work with your hair type and your face. Find some pictures of people with similar hair types and the kind of bangs that you want.
GO TO A PROFESSIONAL. Don't have a friend cut your hair
don't go to a shop that offers you a $10 haircut
and for the love of all things good Don't. Cut. Your. Own. Hair. Put in the bit of extra money to make sure it is done right. Once you already have the haircut you can learn to trim the bangs on your own
but don't do the initial cutting.
Know that your bangs will need a little extra care in comparison to the rest of your hair. They will frizz up easier and are less likely to stay in place
but the few extra minutes is worth it.
It will feel so different at first and it might be frustrating
but you have to learn to embrace that it is different and you can't know how to perfectly style bangs right away
but you can catch on fast.