Keeping Bleached Curls Happy

Keeping Bleached Curls Happy 3b 3c 4a Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3b, 3c, 4a ) | 5.19.16

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Detangle *gently*. After bleaching the hair is weakened and far more prone to breakage. If you're like me and kind of a (lazy) natural, try to get a cheap conditioner with good slip to use for detangling before continuing your usual routine. They might be pretty, but your curls are more fragile now than ever, so only detangle when you have the time and patience to do it carefully!
You might need more and/or a stronger (more moisturizing) conditioner. You'll find that your curls are frizzier than usual, and may need a lil' more lovin' to be as they were before. Don't fret, just adjust your products/amounts until you get the results you like! :) I used DevaCurl's Decadence One Condition, after cleansing with the No-Poo.
As with conditioner, you might find that you'll be upping your amount of styling products to control the additional frizz you'll have. I've found that I've needed more creams than gels, and that as opposed to before where heavier products were life, I can now get away with much lighter ones (likely because the porosity of my hair has changed a bit). 
Try not to use up all your phone's storage space with selfies.