Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go wash and go sunday lazy day quick 3b volume air dry frizzy fun bighairdontcare latina ringlets highdensity spirals Curly/Wavy Styling wavy Waves
( 3b ) | 3.20.16
Tagged: wash and go, sunday, lazy day, quick, 3b, volume, air dry, frizzy, fun, bighairdontcare, latina, ringlets, highdensity, spirals, Curly/Wavy Styling, wavy, Waves

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Today is sunday. A breezy sunday in South Texas, Naturally , I want to keep my routine easy to relax all day In the sun.
1. Cowash
Leave In. I used this Garnier Fruitis Curl Stretching Putty.It mosturized and styles.
SealI used this La bella Max hold gel That has oat proteins In it. Not sure if this is the one on here.
Air Dry!. Fast , Easy, To the point.Enjoy your lazy sunday in south texas.