Light Protein Treatment, no shampooing

Light Protein Treatment, no shampooing  3a 3b Out & Loose Long Curly Hair
( 3a, 3b ) | 4.11.16

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1. Rinse hair throughly. I did this in between washes (about 2-3 weeks; I don't wash my hair often!) 
2. Apply product liberally but don't overdo it! Let it sit on your hair while you finish showering. It smells amazing, so let the steam work it magic. *I use VITALE OLIVE OUL HAIR MAYONNAISE, They didn't have this product as an option!
3. Comb through in shower, GENTLY! I know some say don't comb wet hair but I find that this doesn't disturb my curls as it would if I combed after all the product is rinsed out and if I would've dried my hair out of the shower. 
4. After rinsing out all the product I let air dry (semi air dry). I do not dry my hair with towels, tshirts, anything! Unless I'm in a rush then I use a tshirt. After semi-dry, like still some water, I lightly apply some oil usually coconut and then a moisturizer usually Shea Moisturer black Jamaican castor oil line. *I usually apply al products with my head upside down for volume and idk it gives me great results for everything! 
5. I let air dry completely without touching my hair anymore! I also spray with PALMER'S OLIVE OIL FORMULA WEIGHTLESS SHINE DRY OIL. And Voilà! Curls for the girls! #yassss