Long Curls

Long Curls 3a Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3a ) | 4.3.15

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Wet hair thoroughly and rake through conditioner. Rinse out completly.
With soaking wet hair, smooth 1-2 pumps of DevaCurl Styling Cream through from roots to ends. I generally repeat this four times to saturate every side of my hair/head, once with head upside down, once tilted to the right side, once tilted to the left side, and once right side up. ** If your hair is prone to frizz, or your curls don't clump well, be careful not to rake or comb curls during this step, instead use the "praying hands" method to smooth product through hair.
Use a microfiber towel or t-shirt to gently scrunch out excess moisture, being careful not to disrupt or break up the curl pattern.
Dry hair using preferred method (I air dry my curlies!)
When hair is completely dry, fluff and scrunch as necessary to reveal soft, bouncy curls!