LONG SECOND DAY HAIR 2c 3a (colored, bleached, thick, dense, med. porosity, protein sensitive)

LONG SECOND DAY HAIR 2c 3a (colored, bleached, thick, dense, med. porosity, protein sensitive) 2c 3a Out & Loose Long Curly Hair fast second hair Second day hair 2nd day hair Refresh long curly hair long coloredcurlyhair dyed hair color treated Bleached thick hair Overnight next day hair
( 2c, 3a ) | 5.15.16
Tagged: fast second hair, Second day hair, 2nd day hair, Refresh, long curly hair, long, coloredcurlyhair, dyed hair, color treated, Bleached, thick hair, Overnight, next day hair

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OVERNIGHT: Pinapple if hair is short enough. Mine is not. I tip forward and flip my hair upside down, then carefully braid it at the very front of my head (making sure not to pull apart curls as I go). Then I just coil it loosely and secure with a ribbon-style hair elastic.
Shake hair out of however you preserved it overnight. Tug curls gently down into place to release the roots which have been sticking up all night.
Using your hands or a spray bottle with a super fine mist, delicately and SLOWLY wet your hair from the ENDS upward until your hair is fairly damp at the ends and just barely barely damp at the top, but keep your roots dry. If using your hands, just wet them and scrunch your hair up/flatten your curls "prayer hands" style with wet hands until they are damp enough. DO NOT FINGER COMB unless you have a nasty knot, and then gently pull it apart.
Apply curl refresher of your choice. I use a mixture of 2 parts curl activator cream, 1 part water, and .5 part gel. I apply it to my roots with a scrunching motion, and then "prayer hands" style smooth it over the upper 2/3rds of my hair.
Funger twist any curls that have come undone or gotten fluffy - use a tiny bit of curl refresher if it has hold, or a little bit of a lighter hold product like a curl cream or pomade. Make sure the last inch or two of your curl sections are clumped together! Then, allow to air dry.