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Lotion Yes 2c Out & Loose Wash and Go wash and go fast fast second hair quick natural hair styles style 2c 2c in the middle 3a 3a hair 3b 3B Hair pillow soft soft soft curls fluffy Fluffy curls
( 2c ) | 7.18.16
Tagged: wash and go, fast, fast second hair, quick natural hair styles, style, 2c, 2c in the middle, 3a, 3a hair, 3b, 3B Hair, pillow soft, soft, soft curls, fluffy, Fluffy curls

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Today i realized that only lotion worked in my hair. Gives it enough moisture as well as weight. So my hair isnt everywhere. I like sonething that holds my hair down but also give me moisture to get through these hott summer months
Day 2 hair.Refresh. Simple oliv oil and water Mixture in spray bottle.Rake and Shake. Scrunch.1. Add  moisture with Moisturizing Lotion. (Use praying hands method to apply all products)I used ORS Olive Oil Moisturizingg Lotion2. Add slip with Conditioning Lotion.Miss Jessies Creme De La Cream3. Seal with Styling Lotion.Miss Jessie Pillow Soft curls.4. Back comb in flat areas.