Mid-back length 2c / 3a Hair

Mid-back length 2c / 3a Hair 2c 3a Out & Loose Long Curly Hair
( 2c, 3a ) | 3.20.16

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Begin with clean, detangled, conditioned hair.  I do not use shampoo, but do use a cleansing conditioner and then detangle in the shower with a wide toothed comb. Gently wring out excess water.
Apply curl cream (I use AG Re-Coil) from ends to roots so hair is well coated but not oversaturated. Apply heavy oil-based pomade or hair butter on ends to about half-way up hair (I use Moxie Bling Pomade).
Twist hair in sections until they are tight-ish little buns against your scalp. I do about five on one side and four on the other.Plop hair on a t-shirt or equivalent, allowing buns to naturally fall out  but DO NOT untwist them!
Do your makeup, get dressed, or whatever! I plop for about 20 minutes, usually.Release hair from t-shirt/whatever you're using. Bend foward and flip your hair upside down. Do not untwist your hair! It will do it naturally, but that's okay.
Take a nice small handful of curl gel (I use DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel) and, cupping your hair at the ends, scrunch gel into your hair, pushing up toward your scalp. Make sure to scrunch upward against your crown/front of your hair, sides, and back of your head.DO NOT FINGER COMB! Keep those twists you did intact!Flip your head backward and shake your hair gently. Allow to airdry, or if you prefer, gently and slowly diffuse on cool (make sure not to pull those coils apart!)