My 3a Curls - A rundown of my wash routine

My 3a Curls - A rundown of my wash routine 3a Out 3a curls  devacurl  hair routine  day one curls  curly  devacut  ultra defining gel  no-poo  one condition
( 3a ) | 4.7.19
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Cleanse with DevaCurl's 'No-Poo' - Emulsifying into palms first, then massaging through to scalp.
Add moisture through DevaCurl's 'One Condition' - concentrating on the ends all the way up to bottom of the ear. I use the roping technique here, and also finger raking.
SQUISH TO CONDISH! I want to hear the squishing sound as I press the conditioner into the little ropes i have made
Rinse out most of the conditioner and then flip hair over ready for the styler.
Apply Devacurl's 'Ultra Defining Gel' to soaking wet hair. I use the praying hands method to apply and scrunch.
Wrap hair in an old tee shirt for about 5 mins
Use a chopstick to part the hair - avoid touching your beautiful curls!
Add any clips to the base of your curls to lift and add volume as they air dry