My Love and I

My Love and I 4a 4b Out & Loose Flat Twist Out
( 4a, 4b ) | 11.3.14

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I two-strand twisted my hair to my scalp the day of an event I attended with my Love for his employment. I first used Carol Daughter's Hair Milk Refresher spray to loosen the hair up a bit (I only finger comb my hair). 
I then used a leave-in conditioner that I brought with me so that I could have something on my hair (not a CD product). I used Creme of Nature Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-In Creme Conditioner. 
I then added Carol Daughter's Black Vanilla Pure Hair Oil as well. I love the way this product smells on my hair!!!! FYI-I could not add this product in below because it did not pull up as one of the choices.
I then used the Hair Milk styling pudding and two-strand twisted my hair. I did all of this in the morning and allowed it to hair dry and set. I took the twists out in the car and pulled it apart and "BAM" in my Emeril voice lol--my hair looked amazing!