My most successful braidout for the College Fair

My most successful braidout for the College Fair 3c 4a 4b Out & Loose Braid Out Curly Hair Natural Hair short natural hair hair growth journey
( 3c, 4a, 4b ) | 10.30.14
Tagged: Braid Out, Curly Hair, Natural Hair, short natural hair, hair growth journey

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I part my hair the way I want and split it up into two sections.
I split one of the sections up into two subsections and spray one subsection with water but not soak it because it takes forever for my hair to dry.
I first grab a small size amount of hair, scoop up a good amount of Carol's Daughter Healthy Hair Butter, and work it through my hair while finger combing to cover it evenly. I then scoop up a good amount, but not a lot, of ECO Styling Gel and work it through my hair. I then proceed to braid my hair all the way to the ends, adding a little bit of more ECO Styling Gel to seal my ends, and add a perm rod to curl my ends.
After I finish this process around my head I then get under the hair dryer and stay under for 30 minutes. Usually when I wake up my hair is still kind of dry because my roots are very thick, so I air dry until completely dry and unravel and BEHOLD THE BEAUTY!!