My Wash And Go Look (Before then After)

My Wash And Go Look (Before then After) 3c Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3c ) | 7.24.16

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While in the shower, take some of the cantu conditioning co wash and apply all through hair from scalp to ends.(be sure to gently use a bristle brush comb to gently rake through hair with out tugging and massage scalp). Then rinse thoroughly.
Take a handful of the Cantu Treatment mosque and apply all over your hair and let it sit for 3 minutes. ( for the time being while you're in the shower, you can mix enough of the coconut curling cream with the Leave in conditioning repair cream with a spoonful of the eco styler gel).
Thoroughly rinse out the treatment mosque while raking through hair with bristle brush.
Apply the mixture and rake it through hair, carefully applying it to each strand.
While hair is still soak and wet, put into a pine apple(high/ ponytail). Then rap a towel, or old t-shirt you don't care about around it. Let your hair stay wrapped for 5 minutes while getting dressed. Next, take out and spray with water bottle while using a rake comb to stretch the length a little then scrunge back up. Let air dry and style as desired with the eco styler! GOOD LUCK✊