Natural Gal 2yrs Counting

Natural Gal 2yrs Counting 4b Out & Loose Twist Out
( 4b ) | 3.8.16

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1, 2, 3 day Twist out. Spritz the hair with a leave-in conditioner/oil/ water mixture. Only slightly dampen each section of hair. Your hair should only feel like you got caught in a light sprinkle of rain. Apply a sparingly amt of  curl soufflé first to each section then apply a 1/4 of a dime size amt of curl enhancing smoothie to each section as you perform the 2 strand twist. Once all sections are two-stranded twisted tie your hair up in a satin or silk scarf overnight while sleep. In the morning un twist each section gently and separate each twist into 3 strands. Take a pick and lift the roots to create volume. 2nd and 3rd day twist-up during the night only use the curl enhancing smoothie. I would not recommend no more than 3 days due to product build up.