Natural Wash n Go

Natural Wash n Go  3b 3c Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3b, 3c ) | 2.11.17

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Start wash with As I Am Co wash -or Deval no poo leave product for 5+ min.Rinse with warmish water.Depending on moisture level needed -either Deval curl One Condituon or Aussie moist 3 min.-using finger to combine through.. leave product in for 5-10+ min.-(only if I find a knot that I can't work out with fingers do I use a wide tooth comb) Rinse with coldest water possible. Pay attention to the amount of hair coming out.Head down, Squeeze and shake -shake water out. I dab slightly with micro fiber towel.Add Shea moisture Leave in. Or coordinating leave in to styling products. Example Ouidad leave in  with Ouidad gel -let absorb before next product. I keep to same brand -although i have many brands -(some products don't mix well and leave cast or feel dry next day)Add Styling products-  Shea moisture or deva or Ouidad  depending on curl or volume I want next day (s)If time permits i use micro fibre cloth tube plop hair on top and let sit while air drying. The longer the better . I rarely use dryer - when 85% dry start picking or *diffuse if rushed. Shake !Now go..