Never to late to get the curls back

Never to late to get the curls back 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3b ) | 10.13.16

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Washed with warm water, using the rake method instead of scrubbing. Conditioned the same way while scrunching the ends. Rinsed with Cold water and scrunched dry with cotton shirt. Then right away I applied a Milk and Gel, raking through hair and scrunching at the ends. Used the shirt again upside down and scrunched. Separated some pieces and waited about 10 mins. Then hung head over to the front and used blow dryer on Cold w/dif. Did not use hands and would go up to the scalp and down again to the ends. I did this for 3 mins on the front and 3 mins for each side. Then I clipped my center part to give volume and hung my head over again, this time on Warm. Did the sides like before on warm and then waiting about 5 mins before finishing with cold air again. I fixed some pieces and fluffed by turning my hair over and gently using finger pads to lift from scalp to keep volume. I used NO hairspray.