Night Out with Big Hair

Night Out with Big Hair  3a 3b Out & Loose Curling Wand volume curling wand big hair night out
( 3a, 3b ) | 5.29.16
Tagged: volume, curling wand, big hair, night out

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Step 1: Wash hair and apply products as normal 
Step 2: Blow dry hair with a diffuser, flipping your hair over and drying that way to create as much volume as possible
Step 3: (Optional) With a curling wand, curl bangs and a few strands near your scalp to create extra volume at the top
Step 4: Flip hair over and comb to add more volume to the back. Also brush the strands you curled with the curling wand to blend with your natural curls
Step 5: Apply hairspray or a product that is used to hold hair in place