One of the better hair days...

One of the better hair days... 2c 3a Out Wash and Go washandgo  2c/3a  naturalhair
( 2c, 3a ) | 1.29.20
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Wash with shampoo only at the roots only once a week. Detangle with conditioner in the shower using a detangling brush on soaking wet hair.
Lightly wash some but not all of conditioner out of hair using cold water.
Squeeze excess water out of hair but leave soaking wet. DO NOT TOWEL DRY!
Immediately out of shower rake a small palm size amount of Cantu Curl Activating Cream into each half of your hair (split down the middle). Sometimes a little extra at the roots and nape of neck.
Using praying hand method apply a gel (DevaCurl Ultra or Ouidad Anti-Humidity) covering all strands.
Section hair into 4 large sections and pin all sections but one out of the way.
Taking smaller sections style using a Denman Brush to clump the hair. You should see excess product coming out of the hair when doing this.
Do this to whole head, and where necessary fingercoil strands that have wet frizz or won't clump.
Turn head upside down and gently but firmly scrunch hair. Try not to be aggressive in order to prevent frizz.
Allow to air dry.
Optional: when nearly or completely dry use a non-greasy serum (such as Biosilk) to add shine to the hair, break the gel cast and allow you to fluff hair without adding too much frizz.
Also optional: with hair dry, use a pick and fluff hair from the roots in an upside down position to add volume.