Ouidad hair

Ouidad hair 3a 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3a, 3b ) | 6.1.16

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I have my Ouidad-certified stylist carve and slice closer to the bottom of my hair to combat the pyramid effect my hair is prone to
Wash and condition in the shower, use a wide-tooth comb to detangle while in the shower with conditioner on. Leave about 10% of conditioner in the hair.
Wrap hair upside down in a towel, do a towel twist on top of the head.
Apply Ouidad Heat and Humidity Gel liberally to wet towel blotted hair, rake and shake to form the curls. 
Either air dry (like in this photo) or diffuse (results in tighter curls). Once fully dry, break the gel cast by scrunching hair with hands. Fluff up the roots with fingers for fuller hair. I think this photo is pre-fluffing, I usually prefer it bigger and fuller but it was raining so I left it.