Perm rod set

Perm rod set  3c 4a 4b Out & Loose Rollers & Rods Perm rod sets Nknaturalz Curlmaker Coconut water style setter Camille rose naturals
( 3c, 4a, 4b ) | 10.5.16
Tagged: Perm rod sets, Nknaturalz, Curlmaker, Coconut water style setter, Camille rose naturals

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I started on old stretched hair using my qredew steamer to detangle.
I sectioned my hair into 4 sections and applied the coconut water styler by camille rose naturals followed by their curlmaker. I then spritzed with a little water.
then I used a wide tooth comb to remove large knots, and a Denman brush to smooth. 
finally I applied the perm rods, dried overnight and did the take down and separated and fluffed with a pic.