Perm rod set on type 4 hair

Perm rod set on type 4 hair 4a 4b 4c Out & Loose Rollers & Rods type 4 hair type 4 hairstyles Perm Rods Perm rod sets short kinky hair Natural Hair
( 4a, 4b, 4c ) | 2.9.17
Tagged: type 4 hair, type 4 hairstyles, Perm Rods, Perm rod sets, short kinky hair, Natural Hair

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 (1) DC/co-wash hair with @silkelements Pure Oils Intense Conditioning & Hydrating Masque let set for 30 mins.
(2) Do not wash masque completely out...leave some in as a leave-in. Seal hair with @silkelements Pure Oils Olive Oil.
(3) Roller set hair with @silkelements Moisturizing Marmalade and air dry overnight. Take out rollers and flat iron hair.
(4) Set hair AGAIN with perm rods with @silkelements Moisturizing Marmalade and set overnight. Take rods down for bomb curls