Pineapple Updo

Pineapple Updo 4c Out & Loose Twist Out Updo pineapple fun updo date night naturalista
( 4c ) | 10.29.14
Tagged: Updo, pineapple, fun updo, date night, naturalista

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Divide hair in half from one side of your ear to the other side. Put the top part in a bow or clip to keep out of the way while you work on the bottom part. Do 5 flat twists starting from your neck up to the middle part you made.
Take top part of hair out of the bow or clip you used. Do mini twists the size of your finger until all hair is in twists. Leave hair in twists at least a day. You can use a cute scarf to dress it up while you leave the twists in. 
Rub your favorite oil on your hands and take down your twists. Take your time so that your twist will come out more defined. Using fingertips, bring your hair up into the pineapple style and use boby pins instead of a stretchy band. I pulled my pineapple style to the side of my hair. Hope you enjoy! Please commit!