Pinup Mohawk

Pinup Mohawk 4c Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 4c ) | 7.16.15

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Open applicator bottle and open the color tube. Mix the color with the applicator by adding it to the applicator bottle. Shake the bottle until the color is evenly mixed. Section your hair in four ways and begin applying the volor into your hair until the whole head is completed. Let the color set in your hair until it reaches the color you wanted. 
Wet the hair with water then massage the scalp then wash the hair until the water is clear. Next you add the shampoo to begin washing, repeat shampooing if needed.
After washing the hair with shampoo, then you add the conditioner. Let it set in for close to 5 minutes. For deep conditioning cover hair with a plastic cap and sit under dryer for 10 minutes.
Once hair is condition and washed then you lightly dry hair with towel then add the detangler to detangle hair if needed for certain hair types. 
Finally after detangling hair you then style it. To create the Mohawk style you first need bobby pins, gel if hair is still not wet. If hair is still wet then you brush one side of you hair and pin it with a bobby pin and you repeat the same for the other side. If hair is dry then you use Eco styling gel add to each side and pin hair up with a bobby pin. You tease the hair with your fingers or a hair pick to make the Mohawk look wild.