Protective Style: Marley Twist

Protective Style: Marley Twist 4a 4b 4c Extensions Marley Twist protective style fallprotectivestyles marley twists coils long
( 4a, 4b, 4c ) | 2.9.17
Tagged: protective style, fallprotectivestyles, marley twists, coils, long

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Complete on freshly washed, detangled hair (recommended). Part hair into 4 equal sections, start your twist from the back. I completed this style using about 6 packs of marley hair within a 3 hr time frame. Take a section in the back parting it into a small horizontal section. Within that section you will start from the edge parting a small square (personal preference on sizing for twist/parting space).  Split the square into 2 (straight down the middle) pulling the 2 strands apart and placing the marley hair strand in the middle. Begin twisting, once you complete all twist you will dip your ends in hot water to seal them so they don't come loose. I like to complete this style using a moisturizer and leave-in conditioner to keep hair in place and moisturized. I also grease my scalp in between twist.