Refreshed flat twist-out

Refreshed flat twist-out 4a 4b 4c Out & Loose Flat Twist Out
( 4a, 4b, 4c ) | 11.13.14

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1. I started off with an old flat- twist out. Hair is already moisturized and oiled. Section hair in two. Front and back.2. I always start with the back by parting my hair going down with my finger. I spray my Carols Daughter Curl Refresher spray, comb it threw with my denmen brush and flat twist.3. At the end of each flat twist, I do a hanging Bantu knot .4. Continue until I am all finished. I put jbco all around the perimeter of my hair. Pit on my satin bonnet/scarf and let it dry.5. For the take down, I put coconut oil on my hand and I start to separate. (Pick used for added volume)