Relaxed Curls

Relaxed Curls 2c 3b Out & Loose Beachy Waves Curly Hair flat iron 2c hair
( 2c, 3b ) | 10.31.14
Tagged: Curly Hair, flat iron, 2c hair

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I used a 1" Flat Iron to create volumized curls. It's less damaging because you're exposing the hair to heat for a less amount of time. I sprayed each section with hairspray as I went along. Once the entire head is curled and has cooled off, flip your head upside down and run finger throughout to break up the tight curls. You're left with volumized "bedroom curls" that last all day. My hair is naturally a 3A/3B, I was able to achieve a 2C look by brushing out my curls on dry clean hair  then proceeding to use my thermal tool.