second day hair

second day hair  2b 2c Out & Loose Wash and Go Second day hair 2b/2c wavy hair fine wavy hair
( 2b, 2c ) | 10.6.17
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for wash day, lean over the tub use lukewarm water to soak your waves and curls,take your shampoo and massage every part of your scalp ( i use the sheamoisture baby shampoos because they're a lot more gentle on my very fine hair)then rinse with warm waterapply conditioner to the mid shaft to ends on your hair and take a fine tooth comb to detangle after you have enough sliptake your fingers and rake them through your hair with conditioner in  and then rinse with cold water 
after you've rinsed  the conditioner out to your liking, rake your fingers through your hair once more to help clumps form crab a shirt or microfiber towel and squeeze out some of the water then take the cantu wave whip curling mouse and scrunch it into your hair generously, then add the devacurl wave maker and rub into your hands and add one pump of the wave whip and mix then scrunch into the hair let air dry and sleep with a satin pillow or capthis is my second day hair, and that' the only reason i actually put this up, i've had sucha  struggle to get my hair to stay clumped through my sleep and not frizz up the next day and look flat, i hope this helps you wavy girls out there