The Perfect Stacked Hair

The Perfect Stacked Hair 3c Out & Loose Fingercoils extreme curl bob stacked austin coils finger style plop
( 3c ) | 10.29.14
Tagged: extreme curl, bob, stacked, austin, coils, finger style, plop

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Cleanse in the shower
Cleanse and condition and leave hair pretty damp.
Divide hair into 3 section - lower, middle and top. Apply the Coffee-Coc Curl Cream to each section and finger comb through hair. A little of this goes a long way.
Put a quarter size piece of Tiare Pommade into palms and run together until the pommade is warm and melted.  Apply to the top layer of hair only and don't run hand through the hair.
Plop for 10 minutes.  Then take out of towel move curls into place.  Spray a couple of sprays of SilkShake into palm. Spot apply if there is any frizz.