The perfect Twist Out!

The perfect Twist Out! 3c Out & Loose Twist Out
( 3c ) | 9.7.15

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on damp hair separate into sections and then make smaller sections.
apply Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie to hair and then THOROUGHLY DETANGLE. The better you detangle the hair your about to twist the better your results.
once detangled twist and repeat with the next small section. I usually end up with 30-35 small/medium sized twists when my whole head is finished.
after setting/drying overnight with a satin bonnet or scarf I oil my hands with You Be natural defrizz define and shine serum and start to unravel each twist. 
while unraveling if your hair was detangled properly each twist should make at least 10 smaller curls per twist (5 per half of the twists) afterwards you should have a head full of juicy curls making people think you did a straw set that's how defined they will be. Enjoy!