Throw back

Throw back 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go half up pin back alternative higschool different styles
( 3b ) | 12.7.15
Tagged: half up, pin back, alternative, higschool, different styles

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Being Curly Alternative girl  in high was hard enough. Doing it with out a mother to tell me what to do with my hair was even harder. Talking to friends about curly problems was just as hard considering they all had thin straight hair. Repaying from all the crappy box dye. And hair fails , learinging to trim my hair on my own and make shirt curly hair work. it was alot of work. 
In these days i almost never conditioned. i used strictly Horse shampoo and and placenta shampoo. finished off with a a leave in and that was my routine.
Too keep from getting to fluffy i would throw in clips and straightten my bangs to keep my face frame.
i cut my hair sort if like a long mullet with lots of layers. all my layers were very choppy. that really worked for me and make my hair manegable.  it was a hard look to keep up but it definetly st me a part fro. the pack.i think my hair was the most manegable when it was short.