Totally Twisted

Totally Twisted 3c Out & Loose Braid Out
( 3c ) | 8.19.15

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Step 1To achieve best results I usually do this style on dry clean hair!I section my hair in about four huge groups and then into two subsections (I do this after I decide which style I want. For example; half up half down etc.)Step 2I then apply my products of choice (just little more that a dim size).Step 3I both finger comb and smooth the product through each SUBSECTION of my hair Step 4Afterwards, I take my brush and smooth each section making sure the hair is extremely smooth and "lump" free.Step 5Lastly I cornrow or flat twist each SUBSECTION of my hair (but for the "ponytail" I just did two simple braids). I then add more of my styling product to the end of my hair and roll the ends with white medium size perm rods).