Tucked Updo

Tucked Updo 3a 2a 4a Updo Tuck and Pin
( 3a, 2a, 4a ) | 5.26.15


Separate your hair into three parts: part one at the crown of your head, part two down to your ears, and part three from the rest of your hair.
Secure each section into small ponytails with the band of your choice (rubber, elastic, etc.) The smaller the band, the better!
Start with the first section at the crown of your head. Take the ponytail and push your thumbs into the center of it from underneath, pulling it apart gently (but not out of the ponytail completely), then flip the ponytail into the hole, pulling the hair through (it should look like two twists now). Once the twists are made, gently pull the hair to tighten the elastic a bit and hold the style. Repeat this for the other two ponytails.
Take the first pony and tuck the hair left out into the second, and tuck the leftover hair of the second into the top of the third.
You can either wear the rest out as a ponytail, tuck it under the last pony, or put it in a small bun. Enjoy!