Twist Out

Twist Out 3c Out & Loose Twist Out twist out Natural Hair 3c Hairstyle
( 3c ) | 11.5.14
Tagged: twist out, Natural Hair, 3c Hairstyle

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1. On damp hair take sections of hair and apply  Eden's Curling Creme. Sections of hair will determine the desired size of the twist. 
Lightly apply Hask Oil on the strand. Be sure to focus on ends.
Separate the strand into two sections. Begin to wrap each strand around the other- making a two strand twist. 
Towards the end of the strand apply a bit more Eden's Curling Creme to the ends to seal and twist around finger. Continue to grab sections of hair- repeating steps 1-3 until full head is complete.
Allow hair to dry completely. Apply oil to fingertips and then gently separate the strands by twisting in the opposite direction of the curl. Continue to separate for a fuller look. Use pick to fluff hair away from scalp for desired volumne.