Two Strand Twist Fluffout

Two Strand Twist Fluffout 4c Out & Loose Twist Out #twostrandtwist #naturalhair #naturalhairdaily #Twists
( 4c ) | 5.28.17
Tagged: #twostrandtwist, #naturalhair, #naturalhairdaily, #Twists

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On blown out hair, do about 20 two Strand Twist. For my twist-outs I used MielleOrganics "Avocado Moisturizing Hair Milk" and very little of their "Mint Almond Oil" on each twist-outs. 
For each twist-out, as you get toward the tips, add a spritz of water and cream to finish out the braid. This gives that extra define look on the ends. 
Last, unravel your twist-outs as many times you look. No more product needs to be added. Take you pick and fluff away from the scalp. Now SLAY!