Two Strand Twistout

Two Strand Twistout  4c Out & Loose Twist Out #twistout #Twists #naturallyshesdope #naturalhairdaily #naturalhair
( 4c ) | 4.26.16
Tagged: #twistout, #Twists, #naturallyshesdope, #naturalhairdaily, #naturalhair

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Step 1: On wet hair. add your choice of leave-in conditioner. I prefer "Cantu Shea Leave-In" (one of my favorites since the beginning of my journey). This product I also keep in the fridge with Black Jamaican Castor Oil added to it. 
Step 2: Two Strand twist your hair to desirable size. This look I used "Small to Medium" which gave amazing definition to my twistouts.
Step 3: On all my styles, I tie my hair up using a fishnet bonnet to help reduce unwanted frizz and a satin bonnet to protect the hair. Then get some rest
Step 4: Wake up....unravel using some EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil). Fluff to desired volume....and SLAY your crown wit'cha bad self...BOOM!