Type 3, Fine Curls

Type 3, Fine Curls 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3b ) | 8.17.16

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I washed my hair with the Mixed Chicks Rich-lather shampoo to remove any build up. I noticed that having a good shampoo with some lather to remove build up does wonders for curly hair! You get more volume, better looking curls
Next I applied the Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner to mostly my ends. I didn't add a lot of conditioner bc I did not want it to weigh my curls down so a little went a long way. I also applied to mostly my ends for volume purposes
After rinsing the deep conditioner completely out I applied Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner. Finger combed it through defining my curls as I apply the product. Then I diffused my hair until it was pretty much dry
I haven't used Mixed Chicks products since I first started doing the CG Method in 5 years and my scalp and hair feel extremely clean, moisturizer and I absolutely love the scent of these products.