Valyn Enhanced Bombshell Curls with Peter Coppola

Valyn Enhanced Bombshell Curls with Peter Coppola  3b Out & Loose Curling Wand
( 3b ) | 8.7.15

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Shampoo hair with Peter Coppola’s Total Repair Shampoo. This gentle cleanser give you the ability to remove previously used product but keep the natural oils in the hair which is a must.
Condition the hair with you the Peter Coppola Total Repair Mask. This intensive treatment will bring all the luster and shine back to the hair. Also adding a protection element to the hair.
Wrap of twist hair with the Peter Coppola anti frizz serum. This deep conditioning serum reduces frizz as the hair air dries into place.
When the hair is dry and the curl pattern is nice and even heat you ¼ and ½ inch barrel irons. Moving from the hair line up to the top of the head, take horizontal sections at random (Approximately every inch) and wrap the hair around the barrel of the iron away from the face.
Each section you grab spray a touch of Peter Coppola’s steel hairspray before you heat the hair for the hair for maximum effect and hold. The Peter Coppola Steel Spray also adds shine to the hair. Alternate the iron you use on every section. This will add variation in the curl pattern. You will have you natural curl or wave, then a 1/4” wave or curl and lastly a ½” wave or curl.