Wash and go

Wash and go 3b Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3b ) | 8.2.15

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I will use the leave in conditioner from the line Shea butter miracle. I will go through my hair with my fingers and make sure it will be distributed through my hair evenly.
Then I use a product named Lustrasilk it is a curl pudding. I just go with the pudding through my hair and make sure it will be distributed evenly through out my hair.
Then i take my coconut oil from the line Vatika. I will take a little bit in my hand and scrunch my hair and just setting my hair the way i like it
Sometimes i let it this way but sometimes i take my detangler and i comb my hair for more defenition and scrunch it again, in this picture i did not use a detangler.
Sometimes i use a diffuser but i prefer to airdry. btw i am sorry for my bad english guys!