Wash & Go 4A/3C **Less Shrinkage**

Wash & Go 4A/3C **Less Shrinkage** 3c 4a Out & Loose Wash and Go
( 3c, 4a ) | 4.16.17

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When finish washing your hair shake it out to get rid of the excess water. What i did different was I used a t-shirt to get the access water out of my hair to combat shrinkage. I literally put it on top of my head and then squeezed (not too hard). I start to perform the LOC Method (please use whatever method works for you) I then use my leave in conditioner and smooth/rake it through my hair in sections to make sure it's spread out evenly.
Next I use my Jojoba Oil and first apply it to my scalp and then the length of my hair. I scrunch it in to my hair to seal in the moisture. After I do this I spray water on my hair because after adding the leave in and oil it's not as we as i want it to be. so i spray lightly to get it wet again but not soaking wet.
Lastly I use my gel (I don't really need a cream because my hair is curly even without product and my leave in is super duper moisturizing but you can if you choose to) I like to do very small sections when using my gel because my hair is so short and I always go for a very defined look. I start from the back of my head doing the first row of hair **then sub sections of that row** by smoothing the product in my hair and then raking it through until it starts to look/feel defined. Once I'm finished with the row and it's all defined I shake my hair out to clump it more together. Then I repeat this same process row after row until I reach the very front of my head.
When I feel like I'm finished defining my curls I give my hair one finally shake to clump the curls together and to make sure its not sticking to my head. I let my hair air dry a bit so my hair can soak up the products and then I diffuse my hair on COOL & HIGH settings.**I do not touch my curls when I'm drying them because that will bring about frizz so I shake my head a lot while drying.** I feel like because of the alterations I did (using a t shirt to dry my hair and diffusing on cool) my shrinkage wasn't that bad compared to all the other times i've done my wash and goes. I could be wrong though maybe it looks bigger because my hair is growing but then again i could be right! lol hopefully this helps my type 4 girls to fight back shrinkage! lolFollow me on Insta! @Angel_Loves_Simplicity